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Enjoy the finest martini in London

Just a short stroll from the V&A, the Egerton bar is the ideal destination during a day of culture. But while we have our own Picasso and Renoir lithographs at the hotel, the work of art we’re most proud of is our signature cocktail: The martini.

As a five-star hotel, we offer guests a completely personalised experience from an impeccably stocked bar. We can make a great martini any way you want – straight, dirty, apple sour or even chocolate. But for a truly unforgettable drink, we strongly recommend our take on the classic.

We start with a frozen glass, chilled to 22 degrees below. A dash of vermouth first, then gin as cold as the glass. It’s poured all the way to the rim, so there’s only one way to drink it: our trademark Egerton Slurp. Trust us – it’s the only way to avoid spilling a single drop.

We normally finish things off with a single squeeze of lemon rind, nothing more, nothing less. Times have changed since the first martinis 130 years ago though, so if you prefer vodka to gin, we’re happy to make the switch.

We strongly advise one thing; whatever the spirit, treat it gently. As far as we’re concerned, our martinis are never shaken, never stirred, always perfect.


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7589 2412

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