The best exhibitions for kids in London


Keep the kids happy and occupied during the summer holidays with our pick of the best exhibitions and events at South Kensington's Natural History and Science Museums.


06th July 2018

The Egerton House Hotel

A five-minute walk from The Egerton House Hotel, London’s Natural History and Science Museums promise an interactive, thought-provoking and most importantly, fun day out for the whole family. Expect to stroke nocturnal creatures, experience an earth-shaking quake and shoot for the stars with our pick of the best kids’ exhibitions at London’s Natural History and Science Museums.

Kids Exhibitions London

Dinosaur trail

The most popular inhabitants at the Natural History Museum are undoubtedly its dinosaurs. An almost intact Stegosaurus fossil, the skull of a plant-eating Triceratops and a formidable T. rex lurking in the shadows, will catch the attention of little explorers and adults alike. This hour-long trail is designed to steer your group around all of the museum’s top prehistoric specimens. Prepare for dinosaurs to be the topic of lively discussions for weeks to come.

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Travel back in time and relive a famous earthquake. Through film footage, interactive games and a quake simulator, every member of the family will be enthralled by this kids’ exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum. View objects melted by lava flows and casts of victims from the Mount Vesuvius eruption of AD 79. Youngsters are sure to remember their time within these walls, learning about the fierce forces that shape our planet.

Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery

London’s Science Museum wouldn’t be what it is today without the odd experiment or two. Let mini hands with curious minds get stuck in at the Science Museum’s Wonderlab, where there are over 50 exhibitions to delve into. Options include live demonstrations at the Chemistry Bar and a majestic canopy of stars to travel to space beneath. Children can conjure up a rainbow or spin to their hearts content on the rotation station.

Kids Exhibitions London

Life in the dark

By sight, sound, touch and smell, introduce young animal lovers to the nocturnal creatures of the world. From 13th July 2018 – 6th January 2019, the Natural History Museum’s den of cave-dwelling organisms and deep-sea species is an incredible display for the whole family to admire. Expect to learn about Mexican catfish that don’t need eyes to navigate and the large-eared fennec fox.

Exploring Space

This London kids’ exhibition invites visitors to join a historic mission to the moon and beyond. Children will love gazing at satellites, probes and space suits, as they picture life as an astronaut. A full-sized replica of the 1969 craft that carried Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon is sure to fuel further intrigue, while you investigate the Science Museum’s Exploring Space object gallery together.

Kids Exhibitions London

Hintze Hall’s Mammals

Find out just how big the mammals of the animal kingdom are, by comparing the tallest and shortest members of your family to the suspended blue whale and the other amazing models on show in the Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall. Inquisitive kids can also find out how their brain matches up with a blue whale’s and discover why dolphins are such incredible swimmers.

The best Natural History and Science Museum exhibitions for kids are right around the corner from The Egerton House Hotel.

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