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Find out the top tips for travelling with your pet.


14th July 2017

The Egerton House Hotel

Life for pet loving travellers just got easier. Staff at The Egerton House Hotel are animal lovers and are committed to doing everything they can to make you and your pets stay as enjoyable as possible, from doggy welcome hampers to a very special canine Afternoon Tea. Here, our partners Pets Pyjamas give their expert advice on how to make travelling with an animal an effortless experience.

What makes travelling with your pet so special?

Here in the UK, we adore our pets! Four-legged friends are very much part of the family and for many, a holiday just isn’t complete without their pooch in tow. Pets make great travel companions – they love the outdoors so will encourage you to get out and about, and explore the area you’re visiting. However, they are also just as happy to sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday.

What are the main factors to consider when taking your dog on holiday?  

There are a few things to consider when taking your dog on holiday:

– You need to ensure that the journey to your destination is as comfortable and stress-free as possible for your furry friend. Especially if your pooch is a nervous traveller!

– Always research the area you’re travelling to beforehand. Try to find out the nearest dog-friendly places to eat, where the best walks are and if there are any dog-friendly attractions nearby. This will allow you and Fido to just settle in straight away and enjoy your holiday, instead of panicking about where you can go and what you can do. The dog-friendly hotel or cottage you’re staying at will probably have some recommendations too.

– Although all the dog-friendly hotels and cottages listed with PetsPyjamas are super pet-welcoming, every canine has different needs. If you have a senior dog, you might need a ground floor room with easy access to the garden. Or if your pet tends to jump into the nearest pond on a walk, does the hotel provide towels?

What in your opinion makes the Egerton House Hotel such a great venue for a dog friendly vacation?

Not only does The Egerton House Hotel have a fantastic location in London – it overlooks some beautiful gardens in Knightsbridge – four-legged guests are treated like VIPs (Very Important Pets). Canine companions are given a welcome hamper on arrival, which includes toys, treats, food and water bowls, and there are a range of pet-friendly services available too. Our friends from Spaniel Life recently enjoyed a lovely doggie afternoon tea at The Egerton House Hotel.

Travelling with a Pet

What essentials should you always pack for a pet holiday?

– Your pet’s passport and other travel documentation – if travelling to Europe.

– ID tag – important if the worst happens and your pet becomes lost in their new surroundings.

– Lead and collar/harness – pack a lead that is easy to snap on and off when on the move with your pet.

– Pet carrier or car harness – travelling safely on the road is just as important for pets.

– Toys – when you need to keep boredom at bay.

– Food – not all dog-friendly hotel and cottages provide food for furry friends.

– Blanket or bedding – a must-have for long car journeys or to comfort pets who feel nervous in new places.

– Travel bowl and water bottle – when travelling during the summer or if you’re going on a walking break, your pet will need to be kept hydrated.

– Dog towel – an essential for pets that have a tendency to get muddy and wet!

Are there any specific requests that guests visiting with a dog should make in advance of their stay?

– Always ask about dining arrangements before you travel – can your dog sit with you whilst you eat or is there a dog-friendly area? If your dog can’t sit with you, are you able to leave them in the room or can they stay with a member of staff? There may even be some dog-friendly restaurants or cafés nearby that the hotel can recommend.

– If you’re planning on visiting somewhere that isn’t welcoming of dogs, it’s best to check whether your pooch can stay in your room or the cottage whilst you pop out. And if not, is there a local or in-house dog-sitter?

– We always recommend asking about doggie toilet arrangements before you arrive too. Just to save any embarrassing accidents!

What does the PetsPyjamas travel kit consist of?

A firm favourite with our travel customers, The PetsPyjamas Travel Kit is a must for every canine traveller. Our fabulous kits have everything your pet needs to make their break absolutely perfect, from a Doggie Newspaper Squeaky Toy by PJ Pet Products to Pooch & Mutt’s Fresh Breath Dog Treats.

Travelling with a Pet

What should you definitely avoid doing when travelling with your dog?

– Do not travel if your pet is unhealthy or has been ill. That journey won’t be fun for anyone!

– Try to avoid travelling on very warm days, especially in the summer. If you can, aim to travel early in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler.

– Don’t give your canine companion a large meal before travelling. Or if you do have to feed them, feed them at least an hour before you get on the road.

What advice would you give someone who is preparing to take their dog away for the first time?

These are our top travel tips:

– To avoid any embarrassing moments, make sure your pooch has relieved him/herself before you board any form of public transport. And always carry some doggie bags just in case!

– Always take fresh water and food for your pet, especially if it’s a long journey.

– If your dog or cat is a nervous or restless traveller, a pet travel anxiety supplement may be a good idea.

– if travelling with a dog by car, take regular breaks to let your pooch stretch his/her legs.

– Exercise your four-legged friend before you travel – this will increase the chances of them falling asleep on the journey.

– It’s best to use a harness when travelling with your pet as they are less likely to escape from it than if you were using a collar.

– Be sure to properly ID your pet and their carrier including their name, your name, phone number, and where your furry friend is travelling to and from.

– If travelling to Europe, ensure your pet meets all the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) which includes, having them microchipped, vaccinated for rabies 21 days before re-entering the UK, have relevant documentation (pet passport) and received tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before re-entering the UK.

What’s been your most memorable trip with a canine? / What are the most pet friendly cities you’ve visited?

Norfolk Terriers and official Pet Inspectors Rufus and Heidi love to travel and have had many memorable trips over the years! They are always ready and willing to sniff out the best dog-friendly places and cities for other pet travellers.

 One of London’s most pet friendly spots,  The Egerton House Hotel provides dog beds and bowls for each four legged guest in addition to a dog sitting, walking and grooming services.

Image Credits: Lead image © iStock/LaraBelova. Couple with dog © Pets Pyjamas. Doggie Afternoon Tea © Red Carnation Hotels. Dog running © Pets Pyjamas.


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