Community Involvement

Our community involvement is very important to us, as we are such as small hotel.

We are always looking for new ways to help our local community and have therefore introduced a green calendar to get involved in local events and become members of the latest community projects.

Importance of Sustainable Luxury

Importance of Sustainability

Jonathan Raggett shares his thoughts on the sustainability Read More

Volunteer Opportunities

Each member of staff is offered two paid days a year to volunteer within the local community. We encourage our team to take these days each year, to help improve our local area.

Green Champion

We have our own dedicated green champion who is always looking for new green initiatives and new ways to get involved with the community.

Food Made Good Programme

The Egerton joined the Food Made Good Programme in 2017. The programme is about celebrating the positive impact and the progress that has been made in our industry through our collective efforts in both pledging, and actioning initiatives that create a fairer and more sustainable business model.

Considerate Hoteliers

We have membership with Considerate Hoteliers, which is a specialist company that helps hospitality businesses operate responsibly.


(Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

The RSA is a not-for-profit, membership organisation, based in the United Kingdom, which aids food-service businesses to work towards sustainability in their sector and guides customers towards more sustainable choices.

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